Activities at J

Welcome to a destination that has it all and more! For those who want to spend their vacation, weekend, or meeting with activities close to nature and the sea. Here, we have gathered all the activities that we ourselves think are the recipe for a perfect day at J. Whether you're here for a romantic weekend with your loved one, a family vacation with the kids, meetings with colleagues, or a relaxing week with friends, we have something for you.

Teambuilding & conference

Combine business with pleasure and integrate team building with your conference. Here, we have curated a selection of both high-energy and calm activities that strengthen teamwork while ensuring everyone has a great time.

Sauna ritual

In our sauna, you'll stay warm regardless of the weather. Combine it with a dip in the sea from our own jetty.

Restorative Sound Meditation

Every Sunday kl.10:30-11:30

Experience the bliss of deep relaxation with this class led by certified Minddate facilitators. This class will allow you to melt deep into the worlds of your subconscious using different sound healing instruments.

Breathwork & Soundhealing

Every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30

Experience the power of breath and sound in this transformative class with grounded, gentle, and rhythmic breathing techniques interspersed with breath pauses.


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