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Combine a Spa bath and/or a treatment with an overnight at Hotel J. Give yourself a moment of rest, enjoy your spa treatments, sleep in a Swedish archipelago style room at Hotel J and start your next day with a great breakfast buffet.

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Njuta spa

On a cliff overlooking the ocean, just 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel you find a private oasis, Njuta Spa 
When you get to Njuta spa life stops for a moment, the environment is so unique and personalized that it feels in your body. The beautiful green villa which in the 1800s belonged to Povel Ramel's grandfather is situated on a cliff overlooking the inlet to Stockholm and the beginning of the archipelago. Njuta Spa is a place for women and men who want to treat themselves, taking care of their skin and body and get to relax in a comfortable setting.

Do as many of our guests do, book a spa package in combination with your spa visit. Choose from packages with only treatment or treatment & Spa bath. The packages can be booked seven days a week.


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